Every beautiful landscape started with an idea that became a reality.  Here are 4 landscaping tips to help your summer landscaping dreams become a beautiful reality.

1) Dream about the perfect landscape idea.
Look around. Think about other landscapes you like the look of. Peruse home and garden magazines, catalogs, books and talk to professionals. Think about how much work you are able to put into the upkeep of your new dream landscape. Think about what you are trying to accomplish. What’s your budget? What’s your time frame? Who will be doing the work? Do you need to consult a landscape company to help you flesh out your ideas?

2) Create a master plan.
Once you have your idea in mind, put it down in writing. Talk it through with a landscaper, then layout the full plan in as much detail as possible. Describe the lay of your landscape. What needs to be done in the fall and winter months? If you are not handy, plan for a service provider like us to do some of the work on your behalf.

3) Get a quote.
Find out what it costs to landscape your project before you start — then make a budget to cover materials, labor, and any other costs that may crop up during construction. Plan your budget and your timeline so that you don’t end up spending more than you want to. Take advantage of every free weekend by doing the work yourself or having family members pitch in to help.

4) Hire a landscaping service to do the heavy lifting.
The professional landscape services at Affordable Landscape Maintenance can provide cost effective expert lawn mowing, reliable high-quality planting and garden services, seasonal care and maintenance that can help you creatively realize your dreams for your home. Call us so we can make your landscaping goals a reality.

In just 4 easy to follow steps, we covered everything you need to do to make your perfect summer landscape a reality.  Landscaping doesn’t have to be difficult, but it helps to have an easy to follow plan.  Have a great summer!