Planting shade trees in your yard this summer is a long-term investment that you will never regret. With shade trees in your yard, your home becomes more pleasing to the eyes. They also improve the quality of air in your surroundings. We all know that Albuquerque’s heat can be incredibly brutal during summer. Shade trees can protect you from heat waves reduce your energy costs from June to August.

But the question is, which shade trees can keep your family cool this summer and reduce the costs of your ABQ Landscape & Maintenance? That is why we at ABQ Landscaping are here to help you to make the right decisions. From our experience, we recommend the following fast-growing shade trees:

Lacebark Elm

This deciduous tree, also known as Chinese Elm, has a rounded or oval-shaped canopy that is capable of blocking sunlight. With a height of 40-60’, the Lacebark Elm will not disappoint you in terms of providing a great shade for you and your family.

We also recommend this elm because Albuquerque’s soil conditions make it grow faster. Plus, it is resistant to elm leaf beetle and many other diseases such as Dutch elm disease.


Oaks take a lot of time to grow to this level. But they will look amazing in your yard if you plant them.

Besides, oaks have a long lifespan compared to other shade trees. They can last for more than 100 years. So, if you want a tree that will provide you a great shade for you and your unborn kids, it’s never too late to start growing them in your yard.

Raywood Ash

This tree is known in Albuquerque and other cities in New Mexico for its beauty. If you want a great shade tree that grows fast, you need to consider Raywood Ash.

As you can see, this tree grows more in height than in width. Yet its dark green leaves are highly proficient in absorbing sun rays in the summer, thereby providing you the cool refuge you need on a hot afternoon.

Another advantage of this tree is that you will only need to clean up the foliage once in a year. Plus, it is resistant to ash blight, a disease that typically destroys the tree.

Imperial Honeylocust

This tree has no soil preference, and it is highly valued for its fern-like leaves, which cast a dappled, light shade beneath. As you can see in the picture, lawns grow well below the imperial honeylocust tree. And you will have little to nothing to clean up as this tree hardly sheds its leaves during summer.

The only problem with this tree is that you have to deal with insect problems. But if you don’t have the time to take care of this tree, you can hire ABQ Landscaping to help you to manage the imperial honeylocust trees in your yard.


You can’t go wrong with any of these trees. Regardless of the shade trees you prefer, ABQ Landscaping can help you to improve your landscape. We provide ABQ Landscape & Maintenance, affordable landscape & design and tree services. Whether you want us to plant your trees, trim your trees or cut dead branches, we’ve got you covered.